DJ BAD THA PROBLEM Presented With An Audiomack Plaque For 1 Million Streams

After more than a decade of relentless dedication, Certified HITz Music Group’s very own DJ BAD THA PROBLEM, a prominent figure in the music industry, celebrates a significant milestone. On December 27th, 2013, the journey began with the joining of Audiomack, a platform that would later become instrumental in BAD’s success. Fast forward to September 24th, 2021, and the momentous occasion arrived: surpassing one million streams on Audiomack.

The achievement represented by the gleaming plaque was no small feat. It’s a testament to over ten years of unwavering commitment, where DJ BAD THA PROBLEM wore multiple hats – mixing tapes, creating artwork, and tirelessly promoting the craft. Along the way, BAD encountered remarkable individuals like Johnathan, alias GD, and a dedicated team whose contributions elevated his mixtapes to new heights.

Expressing gratitude to these key figures, DJ BAD THA PROBLEM acknowledges the pivotal role played by Johnathan and his associates, despite their names slipping from memory. BAD extends appreciation to DJ Kelo for steadfast guidance and Team Titan DJ’s family for their unwavering support.

The journey wouldn’t have been the same without the collaborative efforts of DJ Pop Dukez, 24k Mixtapes, Jinx Promotions, and the artistic finesse of Mef Designs. Special mention also goes to the talented artists who lent their skills and the loyal listeners who propelled his music forward.

The heartfelt thanks extend to Audiomack, Ginger of Jewel Box Platinum, and the entire team for commemorating this achievement with a stunning plaque. And this is just the beginning – with seven more plaques on the horizon, DJ BAD THA PROBLEM anticipates a future filled with continued success.

In closing remarks, DJ BAD THA PROBLEM leaves no stone unturned in expressing gratitude, acknowledging the countless individuals who have contributed to this journey. With humility and appreciation, BAD concludes, “If I forgot anybody, I’m sorry, but just know I appreciate every single one of y’all.”

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