DJ DOC Celebrates 30th Anniversary with surprise release of new song ‘Cheers’


, South Korea’s iconic hip-hop group, on the cusp of celebrating its 30th anniversary, has pleasantly surprised fans by releasing an unexpected new song.

In a captivating twist, DJ DOC unveiled their latest track, “Cheers“, on December 30 KST, sparking a wave of intrigue among their dedicated followers.

‘Cheers’ marks DJ DOC’s return to the hip-hop scene with a blend of newtro, funk, and pop elements that infuse the song with an infectious sense of cheerfulness and wit. Anticipation for the track has been further stoked by rumors of special guest appearances, adding an extra layer of curiosity. The group is currently gearing up to release their first full album in 14 years, a fitting commemoration of their 30th anniversary since their debut, with their last album being ‘Pungryu,’ released in 2010.

A special highlight of the event was the return of Jung Jae Yong, making his first official appearance in quite some time. Jung received a warm welcome from fans with his signature stylish and cheerful persona.

In contrast to their reputation as the “bad boys” of the South Korean music industry, DJ DOC has earned the admiration of both the public and critics alike. Their achievements include the rare distinction of being selected as one of the ‘100 Best Korean Pop Music Albums.’ The group’s music has resonated with audiences through its candid lyrics, addressing societal issues, satirizing corruption, and fearlessly tackling enduring problems in Korean society.

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