DJ Envy Flamed By Donnell Rawlings In Testy Radio Moment

DJ Envy found himself on the receiving end of Donnell Rawlings‘ humor after their interview got a little testy.

The comedian and actor stopped by The Breakfast Club on Thursday (March 7) and at one point was speaking about the conflict and competition in the comedy world when Envy interrupted him.


Rawlings snapped at the radio host by saying: “I’m not talking to you, Envy. I’m talking to a comedian,” referring to co-host Jess Hilarious.

“Do you want to do comedy? You can start like we did, you can do open mics. I know you have a platform and you think you can do anything.”


After Envy pleaded his innocence, Rawlings turned up the temperature by targeting the DJ’s alleged real estate scam and car show.

“Do we interrupt car show promotions like this?” he asked rhetorically. “Imagine me interfering when you talking about one of your punk-ass car shows. We don’t do seminars for houses anymore. I’m so glad that time is over.”


Charlamagne Tha God then chimed in and joked: “He doesn’t do open mics, he does open houses.”

“Them houses is closed like shit right now!” Rawlings responded.

Watch the hilarious exchange at the 11:40 mark below.

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Donnell Rawlings isn’t the only figure to poke fun at DJ Envy’s legal troubles. Last year, Rick Ross and Funk Flex joined forces to ridicule the media personality over his real estate lawsuits.

“Nah, we ain’t selling fake houses!” Rozay said during an appearance on Flex’s rival Hot 97 show. “We not gon’ steal no old lady houses. You going to hell for that.”

DJ Envy Roasted By Desus Nice Over Real Estate Fraud Claims: ‘Who’s The D-ckhead Now?’
DJ Envy Roasted By Desus Nice Over Real Estate Fraud Claims: ‘Who’s The D-ckhead Now?’

The MMG mogul and Hot 97 DJ then compared Envy and his business partner Cesar Pina’s alleged scam to con artists attempting to sell the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

The pair also joked that Envy’s Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God should leave Power 105.1 and come to Flex’s station, where he could have a job “washing sneakers.”


“I heard he just accused his man of taking advantage of him, too,” Ross added, referencing Envy’s claim that he, too, was scammed by Pina. “You’re doing the fraud, you’re telling on your man? Damn.”

“Dream Chasers over here, house chasers over there,” Flex answered mockingly.

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