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DJ illogik - Time & Tenacity

While some hip hop heads will already have DJ illogik’s ‘Time & Tenacity‘ in their collection due to the physicals being sold online at the remaining fiends for dope boom bap and well crafted hip hop will need to be woken up. So, let’s spell it out nice and simply from the jump – head over to the website and cop this project, hit up the Bandcamp, however you want to make it happen – just get it done. ‘Time & Tenacity‘ is a kick ass project that has been years in the making, but DJ illogik won’t apologise for taking his time to get this to a point where it delivers something special.

We covered ‘Pisces‘, the incredible Apathy and Jay Royale featured joint a couple of years ago, and now this project is about to be realised, it’s a beautiful thing. Pisces is one of seven tracks that are currently available on streaming services, but the journey to complete the album was a process due to some personal situations that required ill’s attention. Then, when chopping it up with J.Scienide one day, he was asked how the project was coming along. DJ responded with ‘just need time and tenacity’ and J commented “Yo! That’s you album name right there!” And the rest you can kind of say is history.

Now, while there are already a handful of tracks that are on streaming, the beauty of this project is that there are SO MANY dope joints, and as a lover of the art and the different ways of expressing it and packaging it, we love to see the cassettes, vinyl etc being offered for hip hop heads to add to their collection. Not to mention there are a couple of EXCLUSIVE tracks that you’re only going to get on these editions (and if you purchase the digital – but you ain’t getting it on DSP’s!). And without making it a complete spoiler….. those joints are flames! Not that you’re missing out with the standard product either – I mean we are talking hot AF sixteens from revered emcees like Skyzoo, Apathy, Jay Royale, Ty Farris, The Bad Seed, Eto and plenty more.

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The production for this album is largely handled by FLXVCL who has a real knack for delivering production that sits well and truly in that boom bap, golden era pocket, but each joint branches out and explores different sonic elements to ensure an interesting listen. We also get a beat from Apollo Brown, Foul Mouth, ParanormL, Isaac Leo and Silis 101 just to continue to create a versatile energy from start to finish. There are no weak points in this album – it stays the course, true to hip hop’s core, creative and energising. You don’t want to sleep on this. Head to now!

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