DJ Khaled Celebrates With Glee As Asahd Wins Student Of The Month


DJ Khaled has a brand-new album coming out next year. Overall, fans are very excited for this project. Just like with any Khaled album, you can expect there to be quite a few features here. Of course, those are going to be massive features, and even Drake is going to be part of it. It seems like he will have at least two features on the album, which is a huge deal. Either way, the artist will be looking to roll this album out soon, and we are intrigued. Hopefully, he is able to deliver to the fans.

In the meantime, Khaled is living his best life as a dad. He and his wife are raising two kids right now, and they have been proud parents. Of course, Asahd was their first child together. Overall, Asahd became famous right away thanks to his appearance on album covers and even album names. That said, it seems like Khaled isn’t as public with the kids as he once was. Regardless, if one of them does something that makes him proud, he flaunts it. That is exactly what he did recently as Asahd got a school award.

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DJ Khaled Was Very Excited

Asahd was student of the month and it was announced in an assembly room with all of the parents present. As soon as Asahd won, Khaled rushed to the stage to hug his son. The teacher presenting the award seemed to be pretty taken aback by all of it. Even some of the parents didn’t seem too impressed with the display. After all, this was supposed to be Asahd’s moment. Regardless, Khaled is a proud father and he is content with showcasing that in his own way. Overall, you have to admire it.

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