DJ Khaled Keeps His New Shoes Clean By Having His Security Carry Him


Rap artists having a love for nice shoes goes back decades. DJ Khaled is no different as he’s taken fans behind the scenes of his elaborate shoe collection in the past. Over the weekend he performed in Miami and unsurprisingly wanted to bring out his best drip. In a video he shared from just before the show he went to great lengths to assure that his shoes would be in perfect condition. When getting out of his car to get to the stage Khaled needed a way to keep his shoes off the ground.

The way he chose to do that was by getting two of his security guards to carry him. In the start of the hilarious video, he has two big security guards lift him up while he pulls his legs up to avoid any ground-to-shoe contact. The hilarious video reminded fans of a similar incident where Jack Harlow needed security to carry him at the Kentucky Derby a few years ago. While some sneakerheads in the comments wish they could keep their shoes that clean, many laughed at Khaled. Some of the top comments mentioned that he would eventually get them dirty anyway. Check out the amusing video below.

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DJ Khaled Making Security Guards Carry Him

DJ Khaled is often making as much noise for his silly antics as he is for actual music. That was the case earlier this month when video made the rounds online of a cop on a motorcycle stopping Khaled riding around on a golf cart. Details on why he was pulled over or what happened next are pretty scant but it’s another hilarious viral moment for Khaled regardless.

Khaled has been teasing an upcoming new album since last year. He led off the record with a feature stacked lead single and fans are expecting even more big names on the album proper. What do you think of DJ Khaled having his security carry him to keep his shoes from getting dirty? Would you do something similar in Khaled’s situation? Let us know in the comment section below.

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