DJ Scratch: “‘When Disaster Strikes’ Is The Greatest Hip-Hop Album Ever Made”


“The great thing about him is that he always listened and he always followed direction, my direction. He trusted me. So that’s why the music came out the way it did. It was one time I gave him a beat and he didn’t like it because he didn’t understand it, and it was, “Gimme Some More. I gave him that beat on his first album, ’96. And at the time, nobody was making beats with that bounce at that time. 

When I’m making beats, I approach it the same way that I’m approaching DJing. So I’ll take two songs and be cutting them and then make a different beat out of it. So I do the same thing. I approached the same way making beats. So this particular beat, he didn’t understand the bounce at the time, so he passed on it. And when we got to his third album, he was like, ‘Yo, you still got that beat?’ I’m like, ‘Which beat? He said, ‘Yo, it sound like Timbaland.’ I’m like, ‘No, that’s style.’ So I said, ‘Yeah, I still got it.’ I had to find a disc and went to the studio, tracked it, and he literally wrote and recorded the first two verses of, “Gimme Some More” In about 15 minutes.”

Additionally, Scratch recalls working on Busta Rhyme’s second album, When Disaster Strikes, alongside the late, great, J Dilla. Scratch says of the album: “In my opinion, this is the greatest Hip-Hop album ever made.”

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