DJ SIXTEEN journey from dreamer to believer in 2024

The realm of dreams represents the most valuable psychological territory in existence. It is through dreaming that individuals can transcend their deepest fears, conceive of the inconceivable, and cultivate exceptional products and content throughout their lives. Those who chase dreams are the driving force behind economic growth, the architects of potential, and creators of leaders for future generations.

The power of theta brainwaves enables individuals to form thoughts, images, and ambitions during their sleep. Upon awakening from a profound slumber, driven by these theta brainwaves, they come to recognize these visions as ‘dreams’.

DJ Sixteen is a multifaceted performer and advocate of independent music hailing from Milwaukee, WI. His vibrant energy is infectious and palpable. A decade ago, he founded Big Hitz Entertainment, a label that over the past eight years has evolved into a full-fledged music group. DJ Sixteen personifies tenacity and self-discipline.

DJ Sixteen’s detailed attention to music and brand development has forged a unique path for his Big Hitz Entertainment brand. The umbrella of Big Hitz Entertainment extends over various diverse sectors. It includes creating interactive content, social media engagement marketing strategies, virtual live-stream event coordination, and podcasting.

DJ Sixteen recently established a collaborative relationship with iHeartRadio’s 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI station for creative music selection. This alliance empowers DJ Sixteen to carefully select music from rising talents in the R&B, Hip-Hop, and independent pop music scenes for consideration of broadcast. DJ Sixteen’s online presence spans several regions within the United States and North America. 99.7 DA HEAT Miami is an interactive division of RADIOPUSHERS.

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