DJ Speedsta Launches Monthly Gathering For Hip-Hop Lovers, ‘The Hip-Hop Floor’


DJ Speedsta has launched a monthly gathering for all Hip-Hop lovers titled ‘The Hip-Hip Floor’. 

Speedsta took to socials to share the inspiration behind the gathering, emphasising his overall intention to create a safe space where one can listen to Hip-Hop. 

“The Hip-Hop floor is a new space I’v created starting in Johannesburg. I think there’s a lot of Hip-Hop spaces that exist in the city but to be honest with you, they are all very youthful, very moshpit, scrr scrr, jump up and down.”, says Speedsta. “So I’m just trying to grow with my people, act my age and create a space where girls can feel comfortable. Young working adults can just hang out because I don’t think there are any more spaces like that.”

The next gathering will be held at Play Braam on March 16th. Tickets are current available on Quicket for R100.

Check out the announcement below:

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