DJ Vlad Calls Out Industry Bias, Demands Fairness Amidst VladTV’s …


In a revealing conversation on Shirley’s Temple, DJ Vlad, the force behind VladTV, addressed the longstanding issue of industry recognition. Despite a 16-year tenure and monumental viewership, VladTV’s contributions to hip-hop journalism are often overshadowed by preferential treatment towards other media entities. This situation sheds light on the broader problem of marginalization within the industry, prompting a discussion on the necessity for equitable recognition.


Challenges in Securing Mainstream Interviews

DJ Vlad’s frustration stems from his platform’s difficulty in securing interviews with mainstream artists, a struggle not shared by counterparts like The Breakfast Club and XXL. Despite reaching millions and offering extensive exposure, VladTV is frequently bypassed, a scenario Vlad attributes to industry bias. He recalls instances where, unlike his competitors, interviews with high-profile artists on promotional tours elude VladTV, highlighting a systemic disregard for independent platforms.

Preferential Treatment and Industry Dynamics


The disparity in treatment between VladTV and other media outlets not only underscores the challenges independent voices face but also the industry’s reluctance to diversify its recognition. DJ Vlad pointed out the irony in artists being steered towards platforms with lesser reach, indicating a misalignment between the industry’s actions and the broader goals of inclusivity and diversity in hip-hop journalism. This preferential treatment raises questions about the criteria for media engagement and collaboration within the industry.

The Call for Fairness and Recognition

At the core of DJ Vlad’s grievances is a plea for fairness and acknowledgment of VladTV’s contributions to hip-hop culture. The platform’s exclusion from mainstream conversations, despite comparable, if not superior, viewership numbers, highlights a need for a reassessment of how the industry values and engages with media platforms. Vlad’s call for dialogue and collaboration points towards a path for rectifying the current disparities and fostering a more inclusive media landscape within hip-hop.

The discourse surrounding DJ Vlad’s comments and the industry’s reaction to them underscores the importance of recognizing and supporting independent media platforms. As the conversation evolves, it remains crucial for the hip-hop industry to address these systemic issues, ensuring a diverse and vibrant media ecosystem that truly represents the multifaceted nature of hip-hop culture.

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