DJ Vlad Expresses Frustration About Being Overlooked, Disses Breakfast Club & XXL

Renowned media personality DJ Vlad, known for his platform VladTV, recently voiced his frustration regarding the lack of recognition he receives from certain segments of the hip-hop industry. In a moment on Shirley’s Temple with Shirley Ju, he shed light on the challenges he faces despite his significant contributions to the industry. With over 16 years dedicated to VladTV, constituting a substantial portion of his life, DJ Vlad has tirelessly pursued his passion for hip-hop journalism. However, despite his impressive viewership numbers and undeniable influence, DJ Vlad finds himself overlooked and sidelined by major record labels. “I don’t remember the last time a label gave me an interview with an artist that’s on a promo tour,” he said. “Unless it’s an artist that no one’s ever heard about, then they’ll hit you up out of the blue. ‘Here’s this guy with 10K views. Can you interview him?'”

Moreover, DJ Vlad discussed the preferential treatment extended to other media outlets, such as XXL and The Breakfast Club, at the expense of VladTV. He highlighted instances where artists are directed away from his platform towards outlets with considerably lower viewership. This disparity in treatment underscores a broader issue within the industry – the marginalization of independent voices in favor of established entities. The spark of this first came when Vlad tweeted in 2022, “If Saweetie did a VladTV interview she would have easily done 10x her first week sales, which was 2000 copies,” At the 21 minute mark of the interview, he begins to express his thoughts on the two media outlets.

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DJ Vlad Opens Up


At the heart of DJ Vlad’s frustration lies the perceived disregard for his platform’s significance. Despite consistently generating millions of views and maintaining a substantial audience, VladTV often finds itself excluded from the conversation when it comes to securing interviews with mainstream artists. This exclusion becomes particularly perplexing when considering DJ Vlad’s comparable viewership numbers to traditional media outlets like The Breakfast Club and Big Boy’s Neighborhood. The crux of DJ Vlad’s argument lies in the need for recognition and fair treatment within the industry. He asserts that while he understands the business dynamics at play, there should still be avenues for dialogue and collaboration. The dismissal of VladTV in favor of outlets with lesser reach undermines the diversity and inclusivity of hip-hop media.

Saweetie’s response to DJ Vlad’s tweet further fueled the conversation, highlighting the urgency of addressing these systemic issues. As the discourse continues, it is imperative to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of independent platforms like VladTV and work towards a more equitable landscape within hip-hop journalism. In essence, DJ Vlad’s frustration serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by independent media in an industry dominated by established institutions. His critique of The Breakfast Club and XXL underscores the need for greater recognition and support for platforms that have long been at the forefront of hip-hop culture.

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