Dr. Umar Doubles-Down On Take Eminem Can’t Be Hip-Hop’s GOAT Because “He’s White”


Dr. Umar is doubling down on deeming Eminem disqualified from the Hip-Hop GOAT conversation because “he’s white.”

Umar Ifatunde took to Instagram on Thursday (Dec. 28) to reiterate his argument previously posed on The Joe Budden PodcastHe refused to back down from his views and argued that white people “took enough from us.” The opinionated figure began his subsequent argument by asserting that he refuses to let white folks be “the best anything” in Black culture.

“No non-African person can be the best anything in African culture. You can’t be the best cook of African food,” he said. “You can’t be the best rapper of African Hip-Hop, you can’t be the best singer…nothing that we create, can [white people] be the best at, that’s the first thing.”

“There’s two billion Africans. Not only are you saying they do it better than two billion Africans, you’re saying that they can do it better than all of the Africans that ever walked the earth. You know and I know that is absolutely ridiculous. From a cultural integrity perspective, this is not about Mr. Marshall Mathers.”

As he continued, Ifatunde insisted that his issues weren’t specifically about Eminem. However, he argued that the Detroit emcee being considered a GOAT is just an example of a larger Black issue. 

“I don’t have anything personal about that man, but from a cultural perspective, [and an] integrity perspective, haven’t they stolen enough from us? Haven’t they robbed, killed, lynched, enslaved…politically dominated enough of us? 

“You mean to tell me that after 404 years, you have Black people running around playing defense attorney and cheerleader for white folks? The fact that you got Black people arguing for a white man to be considered the greatest of all time in an African art form speaks to how psychologically ill we are as a race of people,” he expressed.

The tirade initially began during a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast. Umar expressed his thoughts regarding Hip-Hop’s greatest rapper debate. While he agreed that Em is talented behind the mic, he argued that no white person should be regarded as the best in anything stemming from Black culture. Umar then asserted that, in doing so, people were upholding white supremacist views. 

“One of the issues I have is when we let non-Africans participate in our culture so much they can do so as a hobby. Whenever they wanna take their ni**a suit off, they can put their white privilege suit right back on and pick up the privileges they had before they made the rap album,” he began.

“This is going to my African fundamentalism. No non-African can ever be the best of anything African. It is an insult to the ancestors, it is an insult to the race, and it is an insult to every Black person,” the social media personality continued. “We gotta stop naming non-African people as being the best of any aspect of our cultural power because it is an insult … I can acknowledge Eminem’s talent. But for you to put him at the top, that’s white supremacy.”

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