Dr. Umar Explains to Lil Yachty Why He Should Stop Using N-Word


Dr. Umar disagreed with Yachty’s take and stated his argument is just like the one Black men use to justify sleeping with white women as a way to get payback for slavery. He also spoke on how troubling the images of Black women in hip-hop culture are these days.

“I’m not holding you accountable for what everybody does,” Johnson said. “But, there’s few mediums of media that have sexually objectified the Black woman more than hip-hop. So, If I’m a little Black girl and every music video I turn on, she’s half dressed with big breasts and a big ass and I want a Black man to want me and like me and I probably ain’t got no daddy cause the White man locked him up or the police killed him off. What am I gonna do to be attractive?”

Yachty disagreed again, saying, “I think a lot of women make decisions. A: for themselves. And B: to impress their friends just as much as a man. I think a lot of women do things to keep up with their friends…I didn’t say more but I do think…I think for themselves. They ain’t gotta be attractive; I think it’s for self-esteem.”

Lil Yachty is fresh off releasing the Cardo-produced track “Something Ether” and its Little Miles/AMD Visuals-directed music video. The song is part of Yachty’s EP titled Something Ether which features other Yachty drops such as “A Cold Sunday,” the J. Cole-assisted “The Secret Recipe,” and “Strike (Holster).”

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