Drake Fires Back At Mos Def With A IG Subliminal

It appears that Drake is firing back at Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, for his recent comments over Drizzy’s music.

Drake took to his Instagram Story on Monday, seemingly addressing Bey with an archival clip of Method Man. In the video, the Wu-Tang Clan rapper describes hip-hop culture. But to make it clear who the message was directed towards, Aubrey wrote, “What Umi say again? Lemme shine my light king, don’t change up now.” This is a direct reference to Bey’s 1999 song “Umi Says,” which was released when he still went by Mos Def. 

Days ago, Bey joined “The Cutting Room Floor,” where he gave his thoughts on Drake as an artist. However, he did not acknowledge the Toronto creator as a rapper. 

“Drake is pop to me. In the sense, like, if I was in Target in Houston and I heard a Drake song…It feels like a lot of his music is compatible with shopping. Or, you know, shopping with an edge in certain instances,” Bey explained, adding that the Grammy award winner was indeed “likable.”

As Complex pointed out, Bey famously covered one of Drizzy’s most notable “pop” hits, “Hotline Bling,” during a Paris concert in October 2018. The outlet also pointed out that Drake may have some strong feelings about Bey after several renowned poets reviewed Drake’s poetry book, “Titles Ruin Everything,” last year, though he preferred the “baddest Instagram girls” take a stab at his book instead of members of the “Mos Def fan club.” 

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