Dre and Snoop Dogg: A new chapter in their iconic collaboration with “Missionary”


Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are back but this time they want to turn the hip-hop into missionary with their new album “Missionary” which is a sequel of ”Doggystyle”, created more than 30 years ago. As excitement builds, the consumers wait for this masterpiece of an album whose official release date is set later in 2019.

In one episode of the All The Smoke podcast, Snoop Dogg revealed details regarding his new album. He revealed that the partnership with Dr. Dre has been underway for more than two years now. Labeling Dr. Dre as a perfectionist, Snoop Dogg highlighted the album’s process of development – indicating to his more reliable version on their first masterpiece “Doggystyle.”

Dr. Dre’s production skills that have been apparent since the beginning of Snoop Dogg’s career on his single Deep Cover in 1992 is one example among many being responsible for creating hip-hop history. The first album that they did together was Doggystyle, which is a classic body of work with eternal hits like Gin and Juice and Murder Was the Case cementing their place as gods in hip hop.

Their music path has been decorated by various collaborations, including hits such as Nuthin’ but a ‘G Thang and Still D.R.E., where their chemistry goes beyond the stage.. They were influential not only in production – when Dr Dre produced Snoop Dogg first act

In “Missionary,” the pair explores new territory, merging their unique styles together while keeping true to Death Row Records ideals. That Snoop Dogg announced the completion of this album in November itself, along with its release under Death Row Records and gamma., depicts a deep author’s obligation to provide masterpiece for fans.

As the release date approaches, details surrounding the album remain shrouded in mystery. However, Snoop Dogg’s assurance of impending greatness, coupled with the promise of a captivating first single, fuels excitement for what lies ahead.

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