DT the Artist partners with El Jefe de Pollo On new content featuring his Single “In the Kitchen” produced by DJ Vin

DT recently released his EP Flashing Lights. With the Lead single Flashing Lights Charting at #6 on the DRT global indie charts, and then in March charting on the Itunes Canadian Hip Hop Charts at #1. Earlier this Month DT was Featured on Half Deezy’s Liars Single featuring Boosie Badazz which charted on the Amazon charts at #340, and DT also appeared on the recently released Gorillaz track by Tha Nazdaq featuring Krayzie Bone. Which Charted at #7 on the Itunes Canadian Hip Hop Charts. DT has been working with amazing people, so who better to collaborate with then Chino aka  El Jefe de Pollo.

Picture with Chino, @eljefedepollo

A genius when it comes to Food creation and Content creation. El Jefe de Pollo is a comfort food restaurant serving Chicken Sliders, Tacos, and specials such as the Oxtail burger and Chicken and Waffles. Chino the Owner of El Jefe de pollo is a Spanish speaking Asian brother from the hood, who now creates content, and gives back to the local community., through school give backs. And community events. The pair were Introduced to each other by Loco Guanaco a Reggaeton Artist in Toronto. DT and Lovo Guanaco were in the studio recording their new Single “Bomba” and after the studio session Loco Guanaco said he had to meet up with Chino to create some content alongside Foreign, an artist from Vancouver. After that DT built a relationship with Chino, and plans to figure out new ways for the 2 to work and adventure together. Adding that every conversation with Chino turns into a laugh fest, with the constant jokes.

Check out the Reel filmed at @eljefedepollo in Toronto, Canada, featuring DTs “In the Kitchen”



Liars: Half Deezy ft. Boosie Badazz and DT The Artist

Gorillaz: Tha Nazdaq ft Krayzie Bone and DT The Artist

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