E-40 Corrects Chamillionaire & Frank Ocean Mix-Up

E-40 may have taken nearly four decades to get a college degree, but that doesn’t mean he can’t teach some people — or at least some Twitter accounts — a lesson or two.

On Thursday (January 11), the Twitter account Rap Daily posted a photo that they captioned, “Frank Ocean and E40 sitting courtside at the Rockets game.”


There were two issues with the tweet. First, the photo was hardly recent — it was taken at a March, 2019 game. More importantly, though, the photo did not feature Frank Ocean. Instead, the man sitting with 40 Water was Houston rapper Chamillionaire.

E-40 corrected the account just hours after the post went up.

The account responded directly, saying, “Yall both legends, respectfully,” and later seemed to claim that the initial post was a joke.

In addition to correcting Twitter IDs, 40 Fonzarelli has been busy working with a new generation of artists, despite his occasional objections to what he sees as new rappers’ overall lack of creativity.


He had no such issues with NBA YoungBoy, however. Mr. Flamboyant collaborated with YoungBoy on the track “Get My Life Right,” and talked to Billboard about the experience last month.

“He’s an old soul,” E-40 said to the outlet. “He’s been there before. That’s a deep, young man. I always liked him.

Yo Gotti, Angela Simmons & E-40 attend The White House Holiday Party

Yo Gotti, Angela Simmons & E-40 attend The White House Holiday Party

“Birdman hit me one day and was like, ‘Hey, YoungBoy wants you on one of his songs.’ He sent it to me, we connected, and I knocked out one for his album.”

Just before the Billboard talk, E-40 sat down with CBS Morning’s Nate Burleson to discuss his illustrious career and contributions to Hip Hop culture.


When asked what he thinks about the current state of Hip Hop music, The Ballatician admitted he wasn’t excited about the direction the genre is heading.

“I don’t like where it’s at,” he told Burleson. “Because I feel like it’s not enough creativity. Everyone sounds the same. A lot of copycats.”


The Mount Westmore MC explained that he isn’t fond of the consistent negativity in young artists’ lyrics. He suggests that they focus on telling cautionary tales in their music rather than promoting crime and gang violence.

“I’m not tryna act like I’m hella positive,” E-40 explained. “But I am because I’m a storyteller. The things that sound like they ain’t positive, I talk about the repercussions and consequences if you do this. I’m a storyteller.”

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