E-40’s Culinary Journey with Snoop Dogg and Hip-Hop Collaborations, with NBA YoungBoy

E-40 and Snoop Dogg, hip-hop legends with a rich history in music, have team up to serve more than beats – they’re cook up a storm in their cookbook, “Snoop Dogg Presents Goon with the Spoon: A Cookbook by E-40 and Snoop Dogg,” Published by Chronicle Books, this culinary adventure features over 65 recipes, capturing moments of the duo’s kitchen escapades and tales from their star-studded friends.

E-40 revealed to Billboard News his passion for cooking hence the cookbook. E-40 shared the joy of collaborating with Snoop on this venture, combining their distinct recipes and culinary flair.

Friends since the early ’90s, E-40 and Snoop Dogg’s camaraderie transcends music. In the cookbook’s foreword, Snoop expresses his admiration for E-40’s evolution into a culinary entrepreneur. The cookbook promises a blend of their shared passion for food and music.

“E-40 is my big homie, my brother, my mentor. Watching him expand his love for food and cooking over the years to his many successful businesses is some boss-level shit. Which is why Snoop Dogg Presents Goon with the Spoon had to be the next cookbook, ya dig?”

– Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

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From E-40’s Lumpia to Snoop’s Fried Bologna Sandwich, the cookbook offers a diverse menu, spanning appetizers to desserts. Tips, tricks, and personal anecdotes from the rappers add flavor to the mix.

NBA YoungBoy

In a recent collaboration, E-40 joined forces with NBA YoungBoy on the track “Nineteen,” featured on E-40’s November 2023 album, Rule of Thumb: Rule 1. This heartfelt tribute reflects on YoungBoy’s late brother, Big B, exploring themes of street life, loss, and resilience. E-40 lauds YoungBoy’s talent, considering him among the best of his generation. E-40 also revealed his near collaboration with the late Nipsey Hussle, expressing deep respect for the artist, friend, and business partner.

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