E-40’s Hyphy Anthem Finally Goes Platinum After 18 Years

E-40‘s hyphy anthem “Tell Me When To Go” has finally achieved platinum status nearly two decades after its release.

“Tell Me When To Go,” which was originally released on February 7, 2006, has been certified platinum as of Friday (February 2). The track originally went gold in 2016, a decade after its original release.

The numbers were certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).


Check it out below.

Last July, E-40 took some time to reflect on his impact while discussing Hip Hop’s 50th birthday.


“When I came out with “Ghetto Report Card,” I was 37, 38 years old,” he told The New York Times on Tuesday (July 18). “My whole career was just revived. It was amazing. I was part of the crunk movement and the hyphy movement at the same time. “U and Dat,” “Snap Yo Fingers” and so on. We had the South and the West Coast.”

He continued: “Imagine if there was streaming back then when we had ‘Tell Me When to Go,’ ‘Bitch,’ ‘Choices.’ We would be diamond on each one of those records. I put new life into the West Coast in 2006. And that’s no ifs, ands or buts. Can’t nobody say I didn’t, with the help of Lil Jon. And it’s never stopped since then.

“That’s my role — they call me the Ambassador of the Bay. And I don’t know nobody else there that represents it like me,” he concluded.


E-40 Slams ‘Rolling Stone’ Over 100 Greatest West Coast Hip Hop Songs Snub

E-40 Slams ‘Rolling Stone’ Over 100 Greatest West Coast Hip Hop Songs Snub

More recently, back in December, E-40 sat down with CBS Morning’s Nate Burleson to discuss his illustrious career and contributions to Hip Hop culture.

When asked what he thinks about the current state of Hip Hop music, E-40 admitted he wasn’t excited about the direction the genre is heading.


“I don’t like where it’s at,” he told Burleson. “Because I feel like it’s not enough creativity. Everyone sounds the same. A lot of copycats.”

The Mount Westmore MC explained that he isn’t fond of the consistent negativity in young artists’ lyrics. He suggests that they focus on telling cautionary tales in their music rather than promoting crime and gang violence.

“I’m not tryna act like I’m hella positive,” E-40 explained. “But I am because I’m a storyteller. The things that sound like they ain’t positive, I talk about the repercussions and consequences if you do this. I’m a storyteller.”

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