Eddie Cheeba, Influential Early Hip Hop DJ, Dies

Eddie Cheeba (real name Edward Sturgis), one of Hip Hop’s pioneering figures, has passed away after being hospitalized last year.

Russell Simmons, who has previously credited the New York City DJ and rapper for inspiring his career, shared the news of his departure on Tuesday (February 13).


“One more legendary ground breaking rapper has passed and the hip hop community was too un educated to give him the proper flowers he deserved,” the Def Jam co-founder wrote on Instagram. “it was cheba or hollywood and if u couldn’t get one of those definitely go get a smaller venue make sure u reach out and get love bug starsky (rip) and charge less but thats the fact.

“it was in that order they were the 3 biggest stars and they were the reason we got to make rap records as a promoter of hip hop promoting all 5 boroughs im 100000% sure that before there was a recording art when there was only performance artists.”


He concluded: “eddie cheba was a major mastermind of hip hop all these rich rappers and ‘moguls’ you are standing on his shoulders!!!!! GIVE THE MAN HIS FLOWERS RIP THE GREAT LEGENDARY EDDIE CHEBA.”

The Hip Hop icon’s age and cause of death is unclear at this time.

In October, Cheeba was admitted to the hospital for unknown reasons. Even then, Simmons was the one to inform the Hip Hop community about the veteran’s situation while emphasizing his place in the culture.

“PRAYERS UP The great eddie cheba is in the hospital for all of you reporters,” he wrote on social media. “YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS The absolute facts are as follows if u couldn’t get hollywood you got cheba if u couldnt get cheba u got love bug starski rip again this is actual facts if u got all 3 the number of tickets would skyrocket and u could also pay the bar guarantee.

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“they were the rap STARS and the biggest money makers and draws as a promoter who worked all the boroughs except staten island THIS IS THE FACT THE ONLY OTHER DRAW OF THIS MAGNITUDE WAS GRANDMASTER FLASH AND He had a younger crowd ALMOST EVER-TIME I BOOKED HIM… IT WAS SHOOT OUT but he was in their league in terms of tickets sales and celebrity status.”

He added: “if u are writing something else go to the bronx or harlem and ask any 65-70 year old… the history is the history misrepresentation of it is criminal dese niggas ain’t even dead and fucking up the history rip love big starsky.”


HipHopDX extends its condolences to the friends and family of Eddie Cheeba.

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