Embracing Diversity: Yellow Card’s Inclusive Rebranding and W!CKED…


In a world where representation matters, one company is making strides in the realm of inclusivity in illustration and marketing. Yellow Card, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, recently embarked on a rebranding journey with a mission to reflect diversity through their characters. The impact of this shift on customers’ experiences and decision-making has been profound.


The Power of Inclusive Content in Advertising

Studies have shown that diverse representation in advertising can significantly influence customers’ perceptions and purchasing decisions. In response to this growing awareness, Yellow Card took a bold step towards inclusivity. Their recently unveiled set of characters is a testament to their commitment to reflecting the rich tapestry of human diversity.

Yellow Card’s Rebranding Efforts: A Case Study in Inclusivity


The rebranding process was not just about updating the company’s visual identity. It was an opportunity for Yellow Card to reaffirm its values and connect with its diverse customer base on a deeper level. By incorporating varied characters into their branding, they aimed to create a more inclusive and engaging experience for all.

From Concept to Creation: A Collaborative Character Design Workshop

To ensure authenticity and accuracy, Yellow Card organized a collaborative character design workshop. The goal was to create characters that truly represented the diversity of their customers. The result? A new character with vitiligo and modifications to existing characters to better represent individuals with alopecia and hearing loss. This intentional effort to reflect diversity has resonated with customers, leading to increased engagement and positive feedback.


Meanwhile, in the world of dance, a vibrant energy is pulsating through the halls of Suffolk University. W!CKED, the university’s first-ever hip-hop dance group, has kicked off the spring semester with a lineup of electrifying events and performances.

W!CKED: A Dance Group with a Difference

Founded in 2008, W!CKED is known for its high-energy work and self-choreographed performances. This semester, the team is pushing boundaries even further by working with guest choreographers. Their new set, ‘Too Hot To Handle,’ is a testament to their creativity and dedication.


Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity Through Dance

Beyond their impressive performances, W!CKED is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity on campus. They believe that dance is a powerful tool for fostering understanding and unity. Despite the rigorous rehearsal schedule, the team maintains a fun and energetic atmosphere, making it a welcoming space for dancers of all levels and backgrounds.

As we navigate the complexities of today’s world, stories like these serve as reminders of the power of inclusivity and representation. Whether in the realm of marketing or dance, embracing diversity can lead to meaningful connections, positive change, and a more inclusive society.

February 14, 2024

In the realm of cryptocurrency, Yellow Card’s rebranding efforts have proven that diversity and inclusivity are not just buzzwords; they are essential components of a successful brand. Meanwhile, in the dance world, W!CKED continues to inspire and unite through their energetic performances and commitment to inclusivity.

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