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The Electric Power Board (EPB) and its collaborative partners are extending an open invitation to local artists to contribute their creativity to the fourth and final side of EPB’s community mural project along 10th Street. With the theme for this year’s project being “The Magic of Unity,” artists are encouraged to explore and depict the transformative power of collaboration.

The call for submissions will remain open until January 31, 2024. As part of the initiative, EPB has scheduled an optional virtual information session on January 17, 2024, providing artists with an opportunity to gain insights and ask questions.

Vanessa Willis, the contact person for the project, can be reached at willisvm@epb.net for further information.

The murals, set to adorn panels on the fourth side of the EPB 10th Street substation wall parallel to Douglas Heights apartments, will consist of nine to eleven sections. EPB’s Director of Environmental Stewardship and Residential Energy Solutions, Elizabeth Hammitt, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating, “It is our honor at EPB to highlight the immense talent of our community and share important stories and viewpoints through visual arts.”

Over the past three years, EPB has successfully collaborated with local artists to transform the walls of the 10th Street substation into vibrant murals. Elizabeth Hammitt noted the bittersweet sentiment as this marks the completion of the project, which has acted as a springboard for local artists’ careers.

EPB’s partnership with ArtsBuild has been crucial to the success of the project. James McKissic, President of ArtsBuild, highlighted the impact on the vibrancy of the area and the city’s public art scene. ArtsBuild has provided support to local artists, especially women and minorities, fostering an inclusive representation in the murals.

Artists interested in participating must be 18 years or older and reside or work within the EPB service territory. While past mural experience is not mandatory, applicants are required to submit at least five images showcasing their artistic skills in mediums such as paintings, drawings, printmaking, or graffiti art. Additionally, artists must submit a vision statement and an initial visual sketch aligning with the project theme.

The selection of muralists will be conducted by an external panel of community stakeholders who will evaluate submissions based on artistic value, clarity of thought, community reflection, and relevance to the theme. Successful artists, including first-time muralists, will receive support from ArtsBuild if necessary, along with a supply budget and a service fee for their work.

For those interested in learning more about the project or asking questions, a virtual project information meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 17, 2024, from 12 to 1 p.m. Artists are encouraged to attend, though participation is optional.

Throughout the submission process, EPB engages with various community and nonprofit organizations. These organizations play a vital role in raising awareness about the open call for artists and serve on the judges’ panel, ensuring a diverse and inclusive selection process.

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