Exploring Graffiti: Art Or Vandalism In Bismarck And Mandan


What do you think? Here in Bismarck and Mandan, when you come across graffiti…

…do you take a longer look and see the art in it? Does it make you angry that people still choose private property to damage? Many people look at it that way. I saw this last year on the side of a train in Mandan. Of course, some of the graffiti you see could be gang markings. We have become so oblivious to our everyday routine that we are unaware of how many places have graffiti.

A hidden gem if you are new to Bismarck

I came across this hidden gem not long after I moved here 4 years ago. Someone told me about The Bismarck Art Alley over at 117 N 5th Street. I remember, at the time I didn’t think much about it, until about 2 to 3 footsteps in, and I was quickly blown away. If the title of THIS story caused you to hesitate before you answered, do yourself a favor and check this special place out.

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Incredible imagination and colors

What a perfect place to rest your feet for a bit, sit back, and marvel at the imagination and talents of the artists who left a mark on this wall – …there is beauty everywhere, and for the record, I don’t support graffiti one bit, I acknowledge it and I’m also aware it’s 100% against the law. I’m also for people who can express themselves through sheer talent. You are really missing out if you haven’t walked down this alley.

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