Exploring the Art of Toilet Graffiti: Sh!t Show


Summary: Karma Khazi, a guerilla artist known for his passion for toilet graffiti, is set to unveil his latest exhibition in London called Sh!t Show. The exhibition showcases 63 unique expressions found on Khazi’s “longest sober pub crawl” across the capital. Khazi’s love affair with toilet graffiti began a decade ago, and he embarked on a summer pub crawl in 2022, documenting the messages he found in the toilets of 250 venues. The culmination of this project is a single door covered with examples of the “expressions” he encountered, with each remark recreated in the original handwriting of the person who left the mark. The exhibition also features individual canvases reflecting the graffiti’s messages, fibreglass pub signs, sculptures, and an accompanying soundtrack Radiohead, Gaz Coombes, and the Stranglers.

Khazi’s goal is to celebrate and explore the movement of toilet graffiti, which he views as an original form of social media, allowing anonymous individuals to communicate with one another. Beyond London, Khazi plans to visit other cities throughout the UK and even Paris to collect more doors from different cultures and societies. He believes that comparing these doors side-by-side will offer a fascinating perspective on the differences and similarities between cultures. Ultimately, Khazi hopes that his work will inspire a broader movement surrounding toilet graffiti.

The exhibition will be held at 133 Bethnal Green Road, London, from January 26-28. Visitors will have the opportunity to view the door installation from an actual toilet, enhancing the immersive experience and connection to the original setting of the graffiti. Sh!t Show promises to be a unique and thought-provoking exploration of an often overlooked art form that has existed for centuries.

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