Fake Designer Wear Connoisseur, Bishop Lamor Whitehead, Sentenced To 9

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The Niggler, aka Bishop Lamor Whitehead, is going to prison for a long time.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ mentee, allegedly Bishop Lamor Whitehead, will head to prison for nine years.

Whitehead’s prison sentence is a verdict of him hoodwinking and bamboozling a parishioner’s mother out of her life savings, plus other scams.

The decision comes after Judge Lorna Schofield listened to testimony from the victims of Whitehead’s scamming and from the “Bling Bishop” himself, who took a page out of rapper The Game’s book, namedropping everyone he allegedly dealt with.

Per The Daily News:

Manhattan federal court Judge Lorna Schofield handed the term after hearing from financially destroyed victims and Whitehead himself, who namedropped a laundry list of city and state officials he’s dealt with, including the mayor, state Attorney General Letitia James, Brooklyn District Attorney General Eric Gonzalez, his predecessor, the late Ken Thompson, NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey and others, none of whom were in attendance. 

“I don’t see any remorse for your conduct,” Judge Schofield said, describing the evidence as “frankly overwhelming.”

Lamor Whitehead’s Reckoning Comes After A Jury Hit With A Guilty Verdict In March

A jury hit Whitehead, the pastor of the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Canarsie, Brooklyn, with a guilty verdict for five counts, including wire fraud, attempted extortion, lying to the FBI, and other charges from three different schemes in March.

Prosecutors successfully argued during the trial that Whitehead abused the trust of his loyal followers, defrauding them out of tens of thousands of dollars by dangling his ties to Mayor Adams.

Manhattan US Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement:

“Lamore Whitehead is a con man who stole millions of dollars in a string of financial. frauds and even stole from one of his parishioners. He lied to federal agents and again to the court during his trial. Today’s sentence puts an end to Whitehead’s various schemes and reflects this office’s commitment to bring accountability to those who abuse their positions of trust.”

Social Media Also Wants Eric Adams In Prison

The reactions to the news of Whitehead going to prison for nine years are pouring in.

Of course, many are clowing the Bling Bishop, but many of the reactions want NYC Mayor Eric Adams to end up behind bars.


Mayor Adams was not accused of any wrongdoing during Whitehead’s trial, but Mayor Mixxy does have his own issues he needs to worry about and could face some serious jail time, according to some legal experts, if the FBI investigation he is currently under turns up damning evidence.

The gallery below shows more reactions to Lamor Whitehead heading to prison for nine years.

1. Damn, y’all don’t like Mayor Mixxy at all

2. Where is the lie?

4. The walls are closing in on Eric Admas

7. They sure don’t.

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