Festival celebrating urban art and graffiti to take place in West End

The annual event, renowned globally for its celebration of urban art and graffiti, will take place over two days on May 4 and 5.

It will convert the Galvanizer’s Yard into a vivid platform showcasing exceptional creativity and colours.

Local Glasgow artists will benefit from this platform to exhibit their abilities along with global urban artists such as JEKS, Ed-Mund, Jeroo, AURA, and KATIE SCOTT.

These artists have established their names by consistently producing enchanting, unique pieces within the urban art scene.

Since its inception in 2017, Yardworks has consistently held a spot on the urban art and graffiti scene’s calendar.

Embodying a powerful collection of talent from all across the globe, each year’s event surpasses the last.

This year is set to be larger in scale — testimony being the acclaimed artists from various countries such as JEKS, Jeroo, AURA, Ed-Mun and Katie Scott.

Glasgow Times: It's back!

One of the attractions to look forward to includes a unique design by Brazilian artist Ed-Mun that Yardworks has commissioned.

This one-off design is slated to be the centrepiece of the 2024 merchandise.

Gary Mackay aka Gaz Mac, the SWG3 Studio Director and co-founder of Yardworks, said: “We’re really looking forward to bringing Yardworks Festival back for its sixth edition, it’s always a very special weekend for us.

“We’ve got a packed programme celebrating the best in street art and graffiti across two days with a global line-up of artists who we can’t wait for you all to meet.”

Festival attendees can expect a lively weekend, complete with vibrant displays of urban art.

Glasgow Times: The celebration of urban art and graffiti will take place over two days on May 4 and 5

Highlights from previous Yardworks Festivals include a graffiti maze made from 200 meters of super-smooth concrete and steel, as well as the inaugural of SWG3’s Yardworks Studio, known for promoting artistic talents.

The event will have ample entertainment for all age groups with a dedicated children and parents’ dance party, Mini Manoeuvres, planned in the warehouse space.

Child-oriented workshops will run over the weekend concurrently with the festival.

The audience will enjoy close interactions with artists at work by foot due to the temporary traffic restriction along Eastvale Place.

Tickets for the two-day event can be purchased for £7.50 plus booking fee for the day and £12.00 plus booking fee for the weekend.

Visit the SWG3 Yardworks Festival website for more information. (https://swg3.tv/arts/urban-art/festival/yardworks-festival-2023/)

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