Freddie Gibbs Calls Out Black Men & Cancel Culture Double Standard

Freddie Gibbs feels that Black men are held to a different standard compared to others when it comes to cancel culture, and he took some time on Christmas to point that out.

On Monday (December 25), the 41-year-old MC took to Twitter/X during the Christmas Day NBA game in Madison Square Garden and made a statement about being people of his race being blackballed.


“We gotta cancel all our n-ggaz but Woody Allen fucked his daughter and just be chillin at the Knick’s games,” he wrote, referring to the Hollywood director’s adoptive step daughter, Soon-Yi Previn.

Check out the unfiltered post below:

Contrary to the backlash Freddie Gibbs suggested Black folks are susceptible to, Cam’ron believes that he simply can’t be canceled since he and Ma$e “started cancel culture.”

In a video posted to Instagram in April, the Dipset rapper responded to the criticism he’d been receiving for questioning the sexuality of Creed III stars Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors.

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Lizzo Says Cancel Culture Has Been Stolen From Marginalized People: ‘It’s Become Trendy’

In his fiery response, Killa claimed that he and Ma$e originated “cancel culture” in the 2000s when stepped away from their successful music careers — the former to care for his sick mother and the latter to become an ordained minister.

“How the fuck you gon’ cancel n-ggas who canceled theyself, n-gga? Fuck is you talking about?” an unphased Cam began. “My mom got sick in 2007 and I said fuck the whole music shit. I ain’t give a fuck. And Killa Season just went quadruple platinum and [I] left the whole music business.


“When you quit, Murda, how many you sold after you left?” Cam asked Ma$e. “Seven million? My n-gga sold seven million, then quit. You can’t cancel n-ggas who canceled theyself and don’t give a fuck. We left when we wanted to leave. Fuck cancel culture — we started it with ourself, n-gga. Sound stupid!”

He added in the caption: “We [started] cancel culture.”

At the time, Cam’ron had come under fire for sharing images of a photoshoot featuring the Creed III stars, saying the intimate pictures were the reason he hadn’t seen the film. His post was met with unamused responses from the LGBTQ+ community and fellow rappers alike, with Skillz calling Cam out for his thinly-veiled homophobia.


As for Freddie Gibbs, he is set to appear on Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s forthcoming Vultures album on a track titled “Back To Me.” The pair previewed the joint earlier this month at a listening party in Miami, where the Alfredo rapper popped up on stage to lip-sync his verse.

Following multiple delays, one of Ye’s reps confirmed to HipHopDXthat Vultures will now be released on January 12.

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