French street artist sparks outrage with graffiti on abandoned Lanzarote building

In a surprising turn of events, French artist Vanessa Alice, widely known as Miss Van on social media, has found herself at the centre of criticism after adorning an abandoned house in Lanzarote with her vibrant graffiti.

While claiming to have discovered the “spectacular” deserted dwelling, the artist defended her actions on Instagram, stating, “I found this spectacular abandoned house and painted it. As you know, I haven’t spontaneously painted outdoors for years… but this island is inspiring. I’m happy to leave a piece of myself here.”

However, not everyone shares Miss Van’s enthusiasm for this spontaneous act of artistic expression. Oswaldo Betancort, the president of the Cabildo, voiced concerns about the graffiti on social media, emphasising the importance of both art and respect for heritage and the land.

“We appreciate art, but we also value respect for our heritage and our land,” Betancort declared, expressing his opposition to such artistic interventions in the region.

The artwork in question has triggered indignation among the residents of the Los Valles area, with local authorities taking notice of the growing discontent. Televisión Canaria reported that the Cabildo de Lanzarote is considering a meeting with Miss Van to address the concerns surrounding her graffiti.

As the controversy unfolds, the clash between artistic freedom and the preservation of cultural heritage takes centre stage in this picturesque corner of Lanzarote with the need to safeguard its historical legacy.

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