From Local Streets To Foreign Countries, Mooz Graffitis Animated Murals Expand Worldwide


Have you ever stopped by the eye-grabbing, vibrant drawings on the roadside walls? Don’t you believe they are narrating a unique story? Graffiti, often perceived as rebellious and ephemeral, has emerged as a powerful medium capable of impacting lives and influencing communities. A person who is shaping minds on a global level with his extraordinary artwork is Mooz Graffiti, who also goes by the name Zake. 
You might already recognise this name and his creative canvases that are shining across the streets of Bombay. But if you think he has wooshed lives only in the walls of India, then you are wrong! Mooz Graffiti has taken his creative vision and art to a global level. 
His early works, characterised by bold colours, intricate designs, and a distinct flair for storytelling, quickly caught the attention of local art enthusiasts. Mooz’s animated style, often infused with elements of pop culture and social commentary, set him apart in the local street art scene. From Bahrain, Thailand, and Indonesia to Brazil, Mooz has been to all these countries and left an indelible mark with his murals. 
Speaking of his international tours, his favourite stop was at Meetings of Style Indonesia. Calling it his best international event, Mooz said, “It was the best graffiti festival I have visited so far, and I’m really grateful for sharing space with such talented artists who have come from all around the world! I met some of the people who I look up to and got to learn a lot of things! Bigs up to the MOS Indo team! And to all the local artists who hosted us and showed us around!”

Mooz is now taking his art to multiple countries and sharing his excitement for future projects. The artist says, “I’ve got much more exciting international projects in my pocket, and I hope I will be able to ace them too. I feel grateful to have such an amazing international journey, connecting through art with people worldwide.”
Mooz, who also goes by the name Zake, has been painting the streets for years now. You can see his artwork displayed all across the walls of Navi Mumbai. Recently, he collaborated with MTV India to honour the G.O.A.T.s from the current generation of players with exceptional graffiti artwork.
The artwork, which can be seen at Carter Road, Bandra, reflects MTV’s unrivalled connection with FIFA fans and celebrates football titans Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., and Kylian Mbappé. The artwork, designed and painted by Mooz Graffiti, pays homage to the things in the backdrop of the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Besides these, he had also paid tribute to Kieron Pollard’s time at the IPL franchise Mumbai Indians with a mural at Carter Road in Mumbai’s Bandra. We hope that Mooz will keep painting the streets of the country and the world with his creativity. 

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