G Herbo Spent ‘A Lot Of Money To Stay Free’ Post 3-Year Probation

G Herbo had to shell out a pretty penny for his attorneys in order to stay out of prison.

That’s at least what he confessed on the latest episode of Drink Champs, which dropped on Friday (February 9). There, the rapper revealed that he had to “take accountability” for his past actions but learned that having money to spend is useful when it comes to remaining free.


“You know God, man, for real,” he said, when asked how he kept himself free. “I’ve got to give all praise to God for sure. But you know just staying alone, staying the course, and a lot of money for sure. You feel what I’m saying? A lot of money to stay free. At the end of the day, I was taking accountability for a minor role in some shit.”

G Herbo went on to say that his crimes (the rapper pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and one count of making a false statement to a federal official) were little more than a youthful mistake.


“Just me being a kid and being naive,” he continued. “I barely even know how to use my cell phone, like, I ain’t never committed fraud against nobody. I was accepting full accountability for whatever my role was in the whole situation.”

Check out the clip below.

Last month, G Herbo’s attorneys managed to help the rapper avoid prison time in a wire fraud case that saw him support his flashy lifestyle through the use of stolen credit cards.

The Chicago rapper was sentenced to three years’ probation on January 11 following a 2023 plea deal for his part in a plan to use stolen identities to fund private jets, a Jamaican villa and designer puppies.


The sentence corresponds to exactly what Herbo’s attorneys had asked for, despite prosecutors’ requests that the “We Don’t Care” rapper be required to serve a year and one day in prison, per KIRO. Their sentencing memo also proposed 36 months of supervised release following the suggested jail time.

In addition to probation, G Herbo has been ordered to pay $139,968 each in restitution and forfeiture, and a fine of $5,500. He previously had to fork over $140,000, which is what prosecutors believe he profited from the $1.5 million scheme.


According to the sentencing memo, the judge presiding over this case deemed that, “Under the circumstances of this case, a sentence of probation will reflect the seriousness of the charge and protect the public.”

The rapper was first charged in the case back in late 2020.

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The federal fraud case brought in Massachusetts alleged that the rapper, his music promoter and other members of his crew “used stolen identifications to charge more than a million dollars’ worth of exotic services over a four-year period.”

The 14-count indictment stated Herbo and his associates scammed trips on private jets, limousine rides, exotic car rentals, a vacation at a Jamaican villa and even two designer puppies purchased for Herbo from a Michigan dealer in 2017.


The scheme “centered on the defendants’ use of stolen credit card information and personal identities obtained either from the ‘dark web’ or other sources.” A charge of lying to agents was added the following year.

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