Graffiti art exhibition at Millennium Court an ‘expression of Portadown’s vibrant culture’

A teenage graffiti art exhibition to be held in Portadown next week will be an ‘expression’ of the town’s vibrant history and culture.

The ‘People of Portadown‘ exhibition, which is taking place at 2pm on Saturday, March 9, in the Millennium Court, is part of Millennium Court’s 30th anniversary celebrations and aims to showcase the exceptional artistic talent within the Co. Armagh town.

The awe-inspiring graffiti art has been crafted by 13 talented young Portadown natives, under the guidance of renowned local graffiti artist Dean Keane (aka Visual Waste).

The aim of these larger-than-life graffiti pieces, adorning the walls of Millennium Court, is to beautifully capture the essence of Portadown’s vibrant community. The event is a celebration of the town’s history, culture, and the great people who call Portadown home.

The ‘People of Portadown‘ project seeks to challenge stereotypes and elevate the narratives while highlight the remarkable stories and achievements of fellow residents. Through their bold and vibrant artwork, these talented teens celebrate the diverse talents and accomplishments of our local heroes.

Susan O’Connor, the Business Development Officer, said: “We are delighted to welcome visitors to the opening of the ‘People of Portadown‘ exhibition as part of Millennium Court’s 30th anniversary festivities. This project highlights our commitment to encourage creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity within our community.”

This remarkable project was made possible through funding provided by the Assets Recovery.

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