Graffiti Artist Creates Intriguing Optical Illusions

Cosimo Caiffa is a talented Italian graffiti artist who uses spray cans to create some of the most fascinating street art illusions you’ve ever seen!

44-year-old Caiffa, who also goes by ‘Cheone’, paints most of his impressive artworks in his hometown of Nerviano, near Milan. Most of his street art projects not only integrate perfectly with their surroundings, but they also have this uncanny depth to them that often fools passers-by. Having grown up around art and artists in Gallipoli, Leece, Cosimo started painting on canvas at a very young age, but as soon as he discovered graffiti, he knew that was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He taught himself the 3D street art technique, and he has been using it for years to great effect to turn bland, boring urban spaces into outdoor works of art.

“The idea was born from the desire to get out of the box, and in all my designs I try to send messages of unease, the joy of life and what surrounds me,” Caiffa said about his art.

Graffiti artists often operate outside the law or at least on the edge of legality, but Cosimo Caiffa is apparently one of the few who always ask permission from the municipality to unleash his artistic talent on public property.

Cosimo usually starts by digitally creating the image he wants to paint, and then using graffiti cans to paint it on the surface of his choice. Some of his art pieces are so realistic that, when viewed from just the right angle, their protagonists appear to be coming out of the wall.

Cheone is just one of the many talented graffiti artists we have featured on Oddity Central over the years.

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