Graffiti Artist Paints Hilarious Picture Of 72-Year-Old Woman Whose CCTV Footage Went Viral; What We Know So Far


A moment of unexpected hilarity captured on CCTV has now become immortalized on the front of a shop in Rhondda Cynon Taf. Anne Hughes, 72, found herself suspended by her coat, gripping onto her shopping trolley, in a scene that garnered millions of views online. Now, thanks to graffiti artist Tee2Sugars, this unforgettable moment has been recreated in vibrant spray paint for all to see.

The chance to paint a story

Tee2Sugars, known for his colorful graffiti across the valleys of south Wales, couldn’t resist the opportunity to depict Anne’s moment of suspended disbelief. 

“When I saw the clip of Anne, I laughed out loud,” he admits. “I thought ‘what a story,’ along with ‘gosh, that woman must have the strongest anorak ever made.'”

The artist, approached by the team at the Best One convenience store in Tonteg, eagerly took on the project. Despite the challenging surface of roller shutters, Tee2Sugars dedicated two hours to capturing Anne’s moment in vibrant detail. 

“But now Anne will be preserved there forever, stuck upside down,” he remarks, acknowledging the irony that the artwork can only be fully appreciated after the store closes for the day.

Finding humor in adversity

Though shaken by her unexpected ordeal, Anne Hughes found humor in the situation. Working as a cleaner at the Tonteg branch, she leaned against the shutters, unaware of the impending mishap. “When I realized I had been caught, I started shouting,” she recalls. 


Yet, even amidst the chaos, she couldn’t resist holding onto her shopping trolley. “I just don’t know,” she admits, reflecting on her spontaneous decision.

Shaken but uninjured, Anne is embracing her newfound fame with grace and humor. 

“I’ll just have to handle the fame,” she says with a chuckle, vowing to always approach roller shutters with caution in the future. 

“And I’ll never go against those shutters again,” she adds, having learned her lesson.

What began as a moment of misfortune has become a source of amusement and entertainment for all. 

Thanks to Tee2Sugars’ artistic talent, Anne’s unexpected adventure will be immortalized for years to come, serving as a reminder to find humor even in the most unlikely situations.

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