Graffiti Artist William Weaver caught spray painting Altria Smokeless Tobacco building

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20-year-old William Buchanan Weaver was one of two people captured on camera cutting a fence at the Altria Smokeless Tobacco building on Harrison Street on December 15th, 2023. The footage shows both suspects climbing up the exterior stairwell onto the roof. They tied a rope and rappelled down the side of the building before spray-painting the words “OSCAR,” “LTE,” and “SATED” on it. Both suspects descended from the roof and exited through the fence after causing nearly $7,500 worth of property damage. Investigators researched social media posts containing the tags “#OscarLTE” and “#sated” and discovered several graffiti art-style images like the words painted on the building. Officers found a profile linked to an “Oscar.” Officers learned that the owner of the social media account, later identified as Weaver, was from Nashville, TN, and had been arrested for vandalism in 2022. Photos from Weaver’s 2022 arrest showed the same three tags painted on the Altria building. Then, investigators located a YouTube video titled “Let Them Envy: Volume 1,” which was a compilation of graffiti artists who are part of the “Let Them Envy,” or “LTE,” group. In the video, several members are seen spray-painting various locations throughout Nashville, TN. The video showed one of the members, introduced as “Oscar” or “Amesh,” painting the word “OSCAR.” Later in the video, another member introduced as “Sated” is shown spraying the word “SATED.” It was revealed that Weaver owns a social media account named “@criketizm_wave,” where he is seen wearing the same necklace that “Oscar” wore in the YouTube video. Weaver was positively identified and was taken into custody for criminal trespassing and vandalism on February 14th.

William Buchanan Weaver (MNPD)
William Buchanan Weaver (MNPD)

William Buchanan Weaver of Stone Creek Road in Nashville, TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on February 14th, charged with aggravated criminal trespass and vandalism. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $12,500, and the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office gave him pre-trial release from their facility.

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