Gucci Mane’s Wife Shuts Down Claims She Slept With Rick Ross

Gucci Mane‘s wife Keyshia Ka’oir has been accused of sleeping with Rick Ross while her husband was in prison — but she’s denying such a thing ever occurred.

The accusation came via Ross’ ex and child’s mother Tia Kemp, who he’s once again at odds with after she aired him and his new girlfriend Christina Mackey out online. Since then, Rozay has sent her a cease and desist for defamation, but she’s continued to air him out.


In an Instagram Live interview on Tuesday (January 23), Kemp alleged not only that Ross and Meek Mill ran a train on the MMG boss’ then-fiancée Lira Galore, but that Ross slept with Keyshia while Gucci was locked up from 2014 to 2016.

“Gucci Mane — he fucked Keyshia Ka’oir too while you was in prison. I seen her pulling out from his studio house in that Rolls Royce she was driving. It was white.”

When she was prompted to say “allegedly” by the woman she was speaking to, she pressed on: “This the truth, though. Allegedly. And it’s the truth. I ain’t gotta lie. Lie detectors, pay me. It’s gon’ be in the book. I don’t give a fuck. They can’t sue me. I ain’t lying. That girl better go prove to her husband and Rozay that I’m telling the truth. ‘Cause he told me he done fucked all these bitches and hoes.”


Following the clip going viral, Keyshia took to her Instagram Story to deny the claim.

“Ain’t neva had no dealing with Ross PERIOD! Keep my MF’n name out ya’ll mix up! Ross & my husband are friends! WTF!!! How dare ya’ll! Bitchezzz pressed & mad! Medication needed,” she wrote with laughing emojis.

Just the day prior, Rick Ross addressed Tia in an Instagram Live.

Filming himself smoking a blunt, Ross said: “Tia’s sister Ebony, she told me about that botched surgery. But you going to get over it, you gonna heal. I ain’t gonna lie, we laughed about it for a little while.”

He added: “Every time you get on TikTok, I know you see a new release from Tia. But listen, we all gotta imagine what she’s going through. Her mother, who’s a 30-year recurring crack addict, she’s back addicted. Tia’s dealing with it.”


In a sarcastic show of sympathy, Ross said because of this he would not “cut off” Kemp’s Instagram account.

He later taunted his ex for recording herself in her car, saying: “Them hoes ain’t going Live in the house. You can’t speak a real n-gga name if you ain’t going Live in your house with the paint on the wall.”

The cease and desist order he’d previously sent alleges that Kemp is “obsessed” with Rozay and that she has been engaging in “harassment” of the MMG mogul.

Gucci Mane & Meek Mill Perform At Drama Free Rick Ross Car Show

Gucci Mane & Meek Mill Perform At Drama Free Rick Ross Car Show

Kemp did not take the cease and desist order well, taking to Instagram Live to call out her baby daddy: “Sent me a cease and desist. I ain’t lying. It’s the truth. How you gonna sue me for defamation? Sue 50 Cent then. Don’t beef with me.

“Told you I wasn’t a rapper years ago, now you wanna shut me up. You ain’t shut up DJ Envy. You won’t cease [and desist] DJ Envy when he was putting on that CO uniform. Muthafucka, you a real CO.”


The cease and desist letter likely relates to a number of videos Kemp has made in recent weeks in which she called Rick Ross’ girlfriend a “ho” and threatened to slap her. Kemp also insinuated that the rapper had a sexually transmitted disease and threatened to “send TMZ” to his doctor.

Ross and Kemp were previously in a relationship for four years and have a teenage son together.

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