Healthy Debate: 43 Years Old Is Entirely Too Old To Get Arrested For Graffiti

Geoffrey Swaine. Shutterstock Images.  — Authorities allege a 43-year-old man from Annadale sprayed graffiti in about 20 incidents of vandalism that damaged train cars at the Clifton station for the Staten Island Railway, businesses, rental vehicles and other properties on Staten Island.

In a separate incident, sources said the suspect allegedly punched a person delivering food to a home in Graniteville last year.

Peter Affrunti of Wendy Drive used the tags “TOPIK,” “RTH” and “1134″ in Rosebank, Clifton and Stapleton, according to the criminal complaint and police. The incidents occurred before officers with the MTA Police Department confiscated a backpack with eight spray cans of paint while apprehending the suspect on Jan. 31 at about 10:50 p.m. on the 800 block of Bay Street near the Clifton train station.

“The videos I post are of me. I did that. My tag name is TOPIK, my crew name is RTH. It stands for rough tough Huguenot. It has a lot of meanings. I put 1134 because it spells hell backwards.”

He has been charged with criminal mischief, making graffiti, obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest and possession of graffiti instruments.

Now I first need to say, graffiti when done properly is super cool. It’s an awesome art form, or form of art (not sure which is correct). It’s unique, it’s cool, and it’s creative. Stuff like this is awesome. 

Unfortunately, graffiti is not always done in a cool form like this. Most of the time we see graffiti is a disorganized, on top of each other mess like this. 

Now again, art shouldn’t take a limit on an age so I don’t necessarily have a problem with a 43 year old doing graffiti but the question I think is fair to ask is, should any 43 year old man be doing “their tag” and other tags that represent “rough tough Hugenot.” Grow up Peter Pan. What are we doing here? Jesus Christ. I think for 4 years of high school people cared about neighborhoods on Staten Island. Every kid thought there were in a gang, which really meant they drank together and if were lucky got into a staring match because a rival gang took the last graphic tee in their size at Express that day. The WB Boys “ran west brighton”, and the DH Dogs “held it down for Dongan Hills”, all time clown shows, and if you ask the kids now that will likely deny it to death, but I’m telling you I saw those away messages, I saw those AOL profiles… they loved it in the moment. 

Anyway back to this dope. Healthy Debate, how old is too old to be getting locked up for a crime that kids preparing for the Chemistry Regents (aka state exam) are also getting locked up for ? What else does this guy do as a mastermind criminal ? Skip the subway turnstile ? Take his parents car out past 9pm with a learners permit ? Just insanely juvenile stuff. I was amazed reading this. Absolutely baffling to be 43 and behave like a 16 year old. Final word, how does this guy justify himself at Thanksgiving or on job interviews. “Hey Peter we see you have a criminal record, anything serious.” … “Graffiti” …. You almost have to laugh at the guy. He’s not a criminal … he’s a moron. Who possibly does graffiti at 43 and who gets caught? Lunacy. 

Even crazier he’s a MASSIVE repeat offender. 

Additional alleged incidents in 2023 included:

  • Nov. 3 and 5, Queen Ann Car Wash, 1025 Bay St., Rosebank;
  • Oct. 1, Legacy African Market, 651 Bay St.. Stapleton;
  • Sept. 29, Bubbakoos Burritos, 1145 Bay St., Rosebank;
  • Sept. 28, Gentile Dry Cleaners, 1140 Bay St., Rosebank;
  • Sept. 21 and 25, CVS Pharmacy, 1125 Bay St., Rosebank;
  • Sept. 8, Kum Fung Kitchen, 838 Bay St., Clifton;
  • Sept. 6, 850 Bay St., Clifton;
  • Sept. 1, International Haircutting Salon, 988 Bay St., Rosebank.

My favorite part of the article … 

Attorney Michael Vitaliano, who is representing Affrunti, declined to comment at this time.

I imagine saying “I don’t get paid enough to represent morons like this” ran through Vitaliano’s head but was smart enough not to say it. 

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