Hip Hop icon DJ Cut Creator talks life, legacy, and new beginnings in Central Florida


Orlando – From the Big Apple to the Sunshine State, Hip Hop’s iconic DJ Cut Creator is now calling Central Florida home.

When asked what brought him to Florida, the answer was simple.

“It’s the Sunshine State”, said the legendary deejay. “Just change new opportunities. Bought a house and just want to relax a little bit. Want to work a little bit”.

He’s doing just that, already booked to deejay the Timeless Hip Hop Brunch hosted by rapper and music executive MC Serch this Sunday, Feb. 11 in downtown Orlando.

The Timeless Hip Hop Brunch featuring DJ Cut Creator hosted by rapper and music exec MC Serch is one of four of the love and hip hop themed brunches in the month of February. The “I Need Love” Brunch will be held at Proper in downtown Orlando this Sunday from 2-7 p.m. (4MC MultiMedia)

The brunch is one of four in February themed around love and hip hop. DJ Cut Creator will be spinning at the “I Need Love Brunch” from 2-7 p.m. at Proper on Orange Avenue.

Of course, we asked, and he said he will play the classic record “I Need Love,” but he also needs to be shown a little Central Florida love being new to the area and all. This brunch serves as an official “Welcome to Orlando” to help the extremely talented selector feel at home. What’s not to love about that, right?

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The venue is unique, the selectors only spin vinyl, guaranteed to bring a certain nostalgia that compliments the unique decor and overall vibe of the stylish club. Cut Creator said he’s looking forward to spinning vinyl again.

DJ Cut Creator performing alongside LL COOL J. The song “Go Cut Creator Go” was written by LL as a tribute to his deejay that gained the name in 1984. (Jay “DJ Cut Creator” Philpot)

“I love the pops and crackles because I feel like it brings that nostalgia back and just reminds me of listening to them back in the day,” Cut Creator said. “I think also the changing of the record, you know, going from one to another not just you know, one platter. Yeah, you know, 12 edge, you know, the going from one to another is always fun.”

The Hip Hop legend even mentioned a few of his favorite records in his collection.

“I’m a big Run DMC fan. So I gotta have those classics,” he said.

Music wasn’t just something DJ Cut Creator decided to make into a career, it’s in his blood. His father, Jack Philpot, was a legendary saxophonist for Wilson Pickett — a major figure in the development of Soul music. Philpot also played with Sam and Dave as well as the Isley Brothers. DJ Cut Creator said his father played a fundamental role throughout his career. Jack Philpot was his idol.

Dj Cut Creator is the son of legendary saxophonist Jack Philpot (who has played with such music greats as Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave and The Isley Brothers). (Jay “DJ Cut Creator” Philpot)

Hear all about DJ Cut Creator’s childhood from watching his dad on the Ed Sullivan Show, how he met and became LL Cool J’s deejay and ended up on the set of Soul Train, to being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, all on the latest episode of Riff On This. Go ahead and show Cut some Central Florida love!

Pictured from left to right: Dj Cut Creator, E-Love, LL Cool J and Soul Train host Don Cornelius. The trio performed Rock The Bells on the set of Soul Train in 1985. (Jay “Dj Cut Creator” Philpot)

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