Hip-Hop-Influenced Art Installations


Group exhibition B-side: (Broken) Memory and Remix presents a look at BRIC House in Brooklyn with a strong focus on the impacts of Black experience and innovation through Hip Hop. This dives into the technicalities including sampling, storytelling, splicing, and more. The BRIC House is designed by Raque Ford and it is a dance floor made from plexiglass in a checkerboard pattern that is on display until January 21st.

Ford explains the piece, stating “I typically keep my writing in the notes app on my phone. It’s a mix of my personal musings and what I’ve overheard or read that I’m drawn to. I keep a diary of sorts for all this and when it’s time to make a work I reread through it and add and merge thoughts that I feel reflect where I am at the moment of creating the work. This piece in particular is all found text. There’s a line from the Godard film Contempt, a quote from a TikTok about renovating an ugly fireplace, and lastly an excerpt from a New York Times article about Beverly Buchanan and her yellow VW Beetle.”

Image Credit: Raque Ford

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