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Published on February 7th, 2024 |
by Dr. Jerry Doby

Hip Hop is often spoken about in the media as a genre while purists, and history, constantly prove it to be a culture of global impact…with music being its face. It’s acknowledged that rap is a part of the culture, a child if you will, but not the end all say all of Hip Hop. The Hip Hop Talks programming on Stationhead became part of my daily routine following my appearance on the show recently and evident was the respect, love, and passion not only for the Hip Hop culture itself but an emersion into the music and elements within compositions. I’m pleased I did not click off after they moved on from the portion of the show that officially included me, the heavy engagement from the live audience in the chat, represented by listeners from multiple time zones and continents, hooked me on the community around Hip Hop this crew had created.

Hip Hop Talks Logo

Created in 2020 by co-founders Taj-Marie and David Kim with a mission to be a part of a platform that helps artists gain organic streaming numbers on the DSPs, Hip Hop Talks has advanced into a network of like-minded people and platforms coming together. The movement is helping to ensure that not only Hip Hop Music is examined and supported but that the community has a safe space for great discussions, education, and networking.

I was grateful for the opportunity to get two of the Hip Hop Talks cast Shawn and Adriel Green to pop in for a deeper look at the show, their journeys, and initial connections to Hip Hop. The conversation was educational to me and some shared experiences sparked…moments! Lots of fun with these guys and I’m richer for them having stopped through!

Shawn - Hip Hop Talks
Shawn – Hip Hop Talks Co-host

Adriel Green - HIp Hop Talks Co-Host
Adriel Green – Hip Hop Talks Co-Host

Getting to the Heart of Hip Hop Talks Programming

I took the reins, steering the conversation towards the global impact of the show on the music scene. Expressing my honor to host Adriel and Shawn, I underscored their vital contributions to Hip Hop’s fabric. The discussion unfolded, delving into the show’s inception with insights on Taj and David Kim, a key figure on Hit Boy’s engineering team, and Shawn’s unique journey as a former Marine Corps member.

We Got Distracted by Banter on Military Medals And Ceremonial Uniforms

It was all his fault initially but Shawn and I engaged in a playful exchange about military medals and ceremonial uniforms. I highlighted the precision needed for measurements and maintenance, while Shawn reminisced about the challenges of meeting inspection standards. Our banter touched on the significance of medals, the evolution of uniform standards, and the unique experiences of maintaining pristine uniforms. This of course drifted into how attention to detail is a benefit as regards the business side of the music business.

Mission and Strategy of Hip Hop Talks

Shawn dove into the origins of the platform, emphasizing its commitment to supporting Hip Hop artists and the broader community. He shed light on the platform’s use of Stationhead to create organic streams for artists, fostering in-depth discussions about music. What’s unique about this platform is that to hear the music being played by the host, you must connect a paid subscription to a music service such as Apple or Spotify. This way, as the song is played for the audience, the artist gets a stream credited to them. So, if there is an audience of 1,000 listeners on the show, the artist is credited with 1,000 streams right on the spot. That’s BIG!

Personal Journeys into Hip Hop Culture

Adriel, and Shawn,  shared their personal journeys into Hip Hop culture, reflecting on early exposures to the music and its profound impact. Stories ranged from listening to Hip Hop at a young age to participating in breakdancing and freestyle battles, underlining the role of family and upbringing in shaping our love for Hip Hop.

Passion for Vinyl Records and Turntables

A lively conversation unfolded about our passion for vinyl records and turntables. Anecdotes flowed as we discussed collecting and playing vinyl, exploring the warmth and nostalgia of vinyl, the trend of its resurgence, and the challenges and preferences tied to playing vinyl records in the digital age.

Reminiscing Early Hip Hop Encounters

Together, we reminisced about our initial experiences with Hip Hop, covering topics like “Rappers Delight,” the influence of older cousins, and the allure of forbidden music with parental advisory stickers. Our conversation also touched on the evolution of Hip Hop sounds over the years. Now the education got really fun for me.

Top Three Benchmark Albums

Album ranking lists abound but I was curious so I kicked off a conversation about the top three benchmark albums for Shawn and Adriel, sparking discussions on the albums that left a lasting impression. The dialogue included reflections on the impact of artists like LL Cool J, and Ice Cube, and pivotal albums like Illmatic and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Definitely one of the highlight segments of this Live Session for me.

Influence of Hip Hop and Regional Preferences

It was unavoidable that Shawn and I discussed how our military experiences exposed us to different regional sounds. The amazing thing for music lovers in the military is the opportunity to learn about artists, producers, and projects from nearly every region and country. The influence of East Coast and West Coast Hip Hop on our preferences was explored, highlighting the orators and messages that drew us to specific artists and styles.

Power of Music on Hip Hop Talks Programming

Adriel, Shawn, and I delved into the significance of using music on their show, emphasizing its role in sparking real-time dialogue and conversation. Everyone agreed and expressed gratification in congregating with like-minded individuals and sharing our love for Hip Hop culture. The discussion also touched on the educational aspect of the program and the value of learning from each other. This community, built brick by brick, is standing out and making a difference.

Impact of the Hip Hop Talks Programming on Understanding Hip Hop Culture

I have to reiterate my appreciation for the value and knowledge gained from listening to the Hip Hop Talks show. The crew and supporters have impacted my understanding of Hip Hop culture by providing diverse perspectives and experiences and emphasizing the importance of genuine Hip Hop education.

Questions that sparked some great mini-conversations

  • What’s the background and vision of Hip Hop Talks programming?
  • What is the most satisfying aspect of doing the show and pushing the culture?
  • How did the evolution of Hip Hop culture influence your perspective?
  • How did you get into the Hip Hop culture and what influenced you?
  • What was the impact of vinyl and record stores on your music experience?
  • What were the benchmark albums that had a significant influence on you?

Tune in to the full conversation with Shawn and Adriel below and you can connect with Hip Hop Talks on the Stationhead App available in the App Store and check them out on Twitter @hiphoptalks1

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