Hip hop vs. street dance: Which one is right for you?


But how did the basic steps come about? Since hip-hop is a social dance, dancers developed their basics through face-to-face dance sessions in clubs, where they tried out different ways of moving to hip-hop music. Famous basics such as the Running Man were created in the process. Over time, the vocabulary of basic steps was expanded more and more, such as the Dougie or the Reject. But what unites all hip hop movements to this day is the typical groove.

A “running man” you won’t forget – on MC Hammer from 1:21 minutes:

Just as hip-hop music evolved from boom bap to g-funk to drill or trap, the currents of hip-hop dance also changed. Thus, the divisions of choreography and freestyle emerged, which in turn opened up many more subcategories. In hip-hop freestyle, we went back to the origin of dance sessions: freestyle battles offer dancers an opportunity to compete in different categories. Hip-hop choreographies consistently fill dance schools and can also be seen on the very big stages.

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