Hit-Boy’s Father Big Hit Recalls Near-Death Beatdown In Jail

Hit-Boy’s father Big Hit has been enjoying his freedom since his release from prison, where he almost lost his life from a brutal beatdown once.

During an interview with The Adam & Wack Show earlier this week, the rapper recalled a violent incident involving a dozen jail sheriffs.

“I fought like 12 sheriffs, and you know in county jail they had me strapped down on the bed,” he began. “Six police on each side holding my mouth, holding my nose, y’know what I’m saying, to the last breath, n-gga.


“Like till I went out. Held my– I couldn’t breathe, like shackled up. Woke up shackled like this and they knocked me out again.”

He continued, with his hands fake-tied behind his back: “I was shackled like this the last time. The last time and that’s when they had my mouth [covered] telling me to ‘die, n-gga.’ Whispering in my ear telling me to die.”

Listen to Big Hit tell the agonizing story below.

“TRUE STORY,” Big Hit wrote in the comment section.

A woman named Dawn remembered bailing him out in the replies, writing: “I remember that like it was yesterday.. Bailed him out took him straight to the hospital he was black and blue all over his body and had 3 shattered ribs.. He could even talk they beat him so bad.”

Snoop Dogg & Big Hit Are ‘Blood Cuzzins’ In New Hit-Boy-Produced Song Snippet

Snoop Dogg & Big Hit Are ‘Blood Cuzzins’ In New Hit-Boy-Produced Song Snippet

However, Big Hit made it through and is living out his rap dreams with his super producer son by his side.

Back in 2014, Big Hit (born Chauncey Hollis Sr.) was arrested in Illinois during a traffic stop, when it was revealed that he had an outstanding warrant in California.


The warrant stemmed from a hit-and-run accident in Los Angeles, which left several people seriously injured, according to Patch. Ultimately, the trial court sentenced him to twelve years and four months in the state prison. After nine years served, Big Hit was released last May.

Earlier this month, he teamed up with The Game to release Paisley Dreams, which is just one of many projects he has been working on.

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