Homegrown Hip Hop: Rapper and producer Travis Deshone


On this edition of Homegrown Hip Hop, rapper Travis Deshone discusses his writing process with host Da Gemini and recounts the stories behind several of his songs, including “First Lady,” “Not at All,” and “Disgusting.” Based in Dayton, Deshone said his songs start out with freestyles—or, in the case of “Not at All,” with a catchy snippet of a real conversation. “I freestyle like 4 to 6 bars before I write it down,” he told Da Gemini. “So when you hear me say the first couple of lines of the song, that’s me freestyling. Then I’ll go back later and finish it.” Deshone also talked about how having a change of scene can spark creativity. He recalled his feeling of renewal after traveling to Virginia Beach in 2018 to perform at a concert.

“I had never been to the beach. I touched that stage, man… the experience! That’s one thing that you have to do if you want to experience a new feel— go somewhere different.”

Deshone also chatted with Da Gemini about his favorite rappers, Snoop Dog and Jay-Z, and favorite producer, Timberland. His 2020 full-length album, The Ballad of Travis Deshone, is available for streaming on SoundCloud. For more information about his concert dates and releases, including updates on his upcoming project The Underdog, follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

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