“I’m On Godly Time”: Ralo’s First Week Out Of Prison


Atlanta rapper Ralo finds himself juggling a whirlwind of emotions. It’s only been one week since he was released from prison on federal charges, when Ralo hopped on a call with Complex for his first official interview. Despite leaving a life behind bars behind, he confesses that his sense of freedom is incomplete. 

“I’m happy, but I’m in the middle of happy and sad because things didn’t go as I thought it would go in reference to me coming home,” he says candidly. “I thought that I would be free, but I’m not really free like that. I’m in the halfway house, and I’m prohibited from coming out the building. So, like, it kind of sucks that you can’t go nowhere.”

Amidst the challenges of his release, though, Ralo is choosing to spotlight the positive aspects of his life. Shortly after being let out, Ralo knelt down and prayed. Later, was greeted by an enthusiastic circle of family and friends eager to celebrate his return. Notably, Lil Baby marked the occasion with a substantial gift of $50,000 in cash. “That was an amazing feeling,” Ralo says, reflecting on the overwhelming love he received.

Ralo then unleashed his raw and authentic single, “First Day Out,” which he recorded on BandLab. The track serves as a cathartic outlet for the rapper to express the mix of emotions weighing on him. 

The rapper hints that the pain and vulnerability heard on “First Day Out” will present on his upcoming album. Ralo also notes that the album, which is set to be released under 300 Entertainment—the label he signed with in November—will be a passionate body of work that blends hip-hop and R&B. “I want to be very passionate on my album,” he adds. 

Ralo doesn’t disclose a release date for his new album, but assures fans it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, he’s just taking the time to walk in his new path. “I’m fighting for our Lord’s cause. I’m on Godly time,” he says. Check out our interview with Ralo, where he talks about life after prison, new music, and more. 

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