Inglewood Honors 1500 or Nothin’: Fourth Annual Star-Studded Celebration Of Hip Hop Culture


In a celebration of Hollywood and Hip Hop, notable figures like Angela Bassett, Dave Chappelle, and Tasha Smith gathered for a spirited event in the heart of Inglewood. As HNHH previously reported, Dave Chappelle performed Biggie’s “Big Poppa” on stage. This cost-free concert, a reflection of the city’s diverse cultural landscape, brought together a blend of entertainment worlds. The event took place on Monday, January 15 (also coinciding with Martin Luther King Jr. Day), and was an evening to remember.

The focal point of the celebration was the acclaimed collective 1500 or Nothin’, recognized for their significant role in producing hit records for artists like Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z. The City of Inglewood acknowledged their contributions by dedicating January 15th as 1500 or Nothin’ Day, a tradition upheld for four consecutive years. The day unfolded with an array of talented musicians, contributing to a captivating evening.

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Dave Chappelle Graced The Stage

Moreover, taking place at the 1500 Sound Academy in Inglewood, the event featured an extensive 8-hour concert, showcasing the talents of LA’s revered artists. From Xzibit and Dom Kennedy to Eric Bellinger, Problem, Kurupt, DJ Quik, and Warren G, the lineup comprised influential West Coast talent. The atmosphere was punctuated with impromptu appearances by celebrities, including Dave Chappelle and Angela Bassett. Chappelle made a surprising detour into rapping and singing, while Bassett made her first public appearance since winning an Oscar, adding a touch of Hollywood prestige to the proceedings.

The event’s complimentary nature added to its appeal, creating a noteworthy turnout for Inglewood. The live music aspect, an integral part of the celebration, underscored the broad appeal of Hip Hop culture. This remarkable event was a reflection of Rance’s enduring connections and a sincere effort to give back to the community that shaped him. With deep roots in Los Angeles, 1500 or Nothin’ not only received local recognition but also earned acknowledgment from the broader Los Angeles community. Their dedication to both their craft and community resonated, establishing them as cultural contributors. In summary, the Inglewood celebration seamlessly blended Hollywood influence with the authentic beats of Hip Hop, highlighting the collective impact of 1500 or Nothin’.

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