Iowa Western dance team wins first place in jazz, hip hop at national championships


The dance team at Iowa Western Community College put its best foot forward at a tournament recently.

The result was a pair of national championships.

The Reivers finish led first in jazz and hip hop at the 2024 DTU (Dance Team Union) Junor College National Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, this past weekend. The team finished second in pom.

With a police escort, the team returned Monday to a rousing cheer from family, friends and fellow students.

“Thank you for your support,” Coach Mick Patterson said as she got off the bus. “This is awesome for them.”

“It’s being all in,” she said of her team’s success. “It takes an incredible amount of time perfecting every little detail.”

Since fall, the start of the dance competition season, the Reivers held three-hour rehearsals five days a week, six to seven hours during spring break, even 12 hours on Saturdays, Patterson said.

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Co-captain Abbie Martin said, “It’s nice to end the season on a good note. We’re very excited to do what we went there to do.”

Fellow co-captain Jaya Lozano added, “We were focused, focused energy. We were very satisfied on what we did.”

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