J-Hope: Dance renaissance begins

SEOUL (ANN/THE KOREA HERALD) – On Thursday, J-Hope unveiled the captivating main trailer for his highly anticipated documentary series, “Hope on the Street”. 

Spanning six thrilling episodes, the series offers viewers an intimate glimpse into J-Hope’s global odyssey as he embarks on a journey to the vibrant streets of Osaka, Paris, New York, and his cherished hometown of Gwangju, Korea. 

Through electrifying dance encounters with street performers, J-Hope seeks not only to connect but to celebrate the universal language of movement that unites cultures worldwide.

“It all started with dancing. I am curious to look back at what genres of dance I used to work with and also to look back on my roots. I want to find an answer to what the future I dream of is,” said J-Hope in the trailer.

J-Hope met with dancers of diverse street dance genres including popping, house, hip-hop and locking, to communicate with them through dancing and to learn from them.

“It makes my heart beat. It all feels really new. This is not just dance but its life for some people. I’m in the process of learning,” said J-Hope.

The documentary series was created by J-Hope before he began his mandatory military service in April last year.

The first episode of the documentary will be released on March 28 on local streaming platform Tving and Prime Video for overseas viewers.

J-Hope is also set to release a special album, “Hope on the Street Vol 1,” on March 29.

Main trailer for the documentary series “Hope on the Street”. PHOTO: ANN/THE KOREA HERALD SOURCE

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