JamsBash direct’s new Breakin’ on the One trailer


Breakin’ on the One is the latest project in a line of many culture-forward films from JamsBash. Their work spans commercials, TV, film, and a Times Square takeover that earned the first Grand Clio ever given to a live entertainment brand. They directed two full seasons of HBO’s critically acclaimed late-night comedy series Pause with Sam Jay and The Day Ones, a feature film from SoundCloud. Additionally, JamsBash’s commercial work includes collaborations with top global brands like Mastercard, MLB, Vogue, Adidas, Wendy’s, and eBay, to name a few. 

“We are incredibly stoked to help tell the story of these amazing dancers,” remarks JamsBash. “Kids from Black and brown communities in New York created a unique art form that’s now an Olympic Sport. We love that a small part of that origin is now being celebrated on film. Collaborating with Andscape to bring this documentary to audiences was a no-brainer, we can’t wait to share this little bit of the culture with the world.”

Masha Cooke, Vice President of ESPN Films, adds, “Breakin’ On the One is a celebration of the community that revolutionized dance, and brought people from across the world together. We are thrilled for this story to finally be recognised, and to bring it to audiences across the globe.” 

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