Jeezy Gave Boosie Badazz’s Mother $20K While He Was In Jail

Boosie Badazz has said that Jeezy looked after his mother while he was in jail by giving her $20,000.

In a clip posted to Instagram of him watching Jeezy perform at the “GRAMMY Salute to 50 Years of Hip Hop” concert in Los Angeles last week, Boosie praised his fellow rapper for holding him down while he was locked up.


“That’s my boy! He gave me $20,000 in jail — I’ll never forget it,” the Baton Rouge native said. “He gave my mama $20,000 cash. Boy, that n-gga helped.”

He added: “I’m a Jeezy fan for life. I was in jail and he gave my mama $20,000. All blues! I’ll never forget.”

Boosie Badazz previously praised Jeezy for looking out for him while he was incarcerated during an interview with DJ Skee in 2014.

“Jeezy held me down the most,” he said. “I used to holler at [Yo] Gotti, I’d holler at Webbie, but I had so much going on that the times I did holler, I’d holler but I had to focus on my life and getting back to the free world.”


In the same interview, Boosie reflected on how he felt being in jail improved him: “About what I went through in prison — the whole thing is gonna make me a better person because now I know n-ggas and women ain’t loyal. So that just smartened me up.

“The more people get cut off that don’t abide by loyalty, that’s more for me and the homies. It just made me a better person and it made me understand that I can’t mess up and do stupid stuff, little small mistakes, because they’re gonna try to slam me to the cross. Now, I’m ready. I’m focused. No more ‘Free Boosies!’”

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In 2009, Boosie (real name Torrence Hatch Jr.) was sentenced to four years in prison after being found with marijuana and a gun in his possession, and also for breaking his probation while awaiting sentencing.

The following year, he was indicted on first-degree murder charges plus the intent to distribute narcotics. He was found not guilty on the murder charge but sentenced to eight years in prison in 2011. He was later released in 2014.


Shortly after he was released from prison, Boosie was diagnosed with kidney cancer which was later removed with surgery, making the rapper cancer free.

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