Jorit: The Italian Street Artist’s Global Impact and Political Engagement


Jorit, or Jorit Agoch, born Ciro Cerullo. Born in 1990, originally from Quarto, in the metropolitan city of Naples. “An Italian artist, specialized in urban art”, reads the bio on his official web portal. He is the author (among others) of the murals of Pasolini and Angela Davis in Scampia and the perhaps even more famous one of Maradona – the Italian street artist protagonist of the exchange with Putin at the international youth forum. Jorit, Putin, and the Italian street artist: “Russia and Italy united by art and the desire for freedom”. Jorit and the mural in Mariupol Last year, the street artist jumped to the headlines for the large mural made on a building in Mariupol, a city in southeastern Ukraine occupied by the Russian army. The work was made to denounce what, according to him, were the oppressions suffered by the local population by Ukraine and Western allies. There was much discussion, both because of his positions on the war and a presumed plagiarism. The mural depicted a girl with the colors of the Russian flag painted in the irises and surrounded by two missiles with the NATO inscription. The bio As reported in his official biography “his artistic activity has become the subject of university studies and treatises. Jorit combines a deep realism and a great technical mastery of the painting medium with strong social messages”. He artistically was born in Naples where he became known “from 2005 through a series of graffiti executed in Naples, in the northern suburbs and in the historic center. The early works, while expressing elements of stylistic originality, were very much linked to the typical expression of traditional Graffiti. Jorit has made numerous paintings on trains on illegal walls in this early period and has frequented the Yards (train depots where writers usually paint illegally on them) of many European countries”. The political activity In the early years, Jorit’s painting activity, reads on his site, “is accompanied by a constant political militancy that leads him to come into contact with no-global movements and social rights claim movements”. From 2008 his activity also “moves” to museums. He realizes an exhibition at the Macro in Rome, at the Magma Museum and at the P.A.N. of Naples. Moreover “he exhibits in galleries in London, Berlin, Sydney, and Rome. In the two thousand and two thousand tens, Jorit’s activity becomes more and more international, but remains mainly linked to the street and free and for all enjoyment”. The works around the world From 2013 onwards, Jorit’s attention focuses exclusively on the realistic depiction of the human face. “He depicts on the walls in the cities he visits around the world local people, and brands them, through the pictorial rite making them enter, in his words, into the ‘Human Tribe'”. His works are scattered all over the world. Said of Italy, they can be found in Africa, Argentina, and other South American countries, but also in the United States and in Russia.

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