Kanye West Invites Paparazzi Into Studio to Photograph His Wife


Since the beginning of his illustrious career, Kanye West has always had a complicated relationship the the paparazzi. While in the past, he has been known to typically run away from or confront them, this week, he pulled an about face and did the unthinkable- he invited them inside.

The bizarre invitation stemmed from a day in which a group of paparazzi had been following him and his reported wife, Bianca Censori, around Los Angeles looking for the typical content. However, once the group reached a building, West invited them inside into what appeared to be a private photo studio that he has been renting.

In a video shared to TMZ, he can be seen and heard inviting about four to five photographers to come closer to a full-fledged white paper backdrop set where Censori stood decked out in a full-body furry suit of some sort, complete with a hat that included large floppy ears. He directs them where to focus their cameras while also directing Censori where to stand and how to pose. Censori can be seen working a variety of angles as the photographers snap away. A few times he can be heard chiding the photographers not to get the ceiling or the rest of the structure in the shot. After shooting for a little over a minute, he bids the group farewell and ensures them that he will see them later before asking one to refrain from photographing the whole studio, which appears to be a rather professional setup, complete with an interview area and full kitchen.


While this is not the first time that Kanye has directed paparazzi on how he likes to be photographed, it is a departure from Censori’s recent content, which included revealing clothing that largely has to be censored on the internet and social media.

No word yet on how the final photos turned out.

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